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Preparing for tomorrow. Honored to be a curator. #TEDx #youth #vscocam (at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))


Preparing for tomorrow. Honored to be a curator. #TEDx #youth #vscocam (at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))


Take away lesson from TEDxUofM #untapped : there are AMAZING things going on in the University of Michigan community. Some of the many, many highlights:

Former NASA International Space Station Senior Scientist and current Michigan professor Kathryn Clark, speaking about the technology that has come out of space research and the importance of continuing that program.

Former Senior Design Editor of National Geographic Magazine and Stamps School of Art & Design lecturer Oliver Uberti with some incredibly well done statistics about creative potential.

Maria Castro and Pedro Lowenstein, professors of neurosurgery at the medical school, presenting their research on gene therapy for brain tumours. Effective in preventing recurrence of one of the most deadly forms of brain cancer in mice and rats, they expect to begin a Phase 1 clinical trial this year.

Ross School of Business student and founder of local health food start-up The Beet Box, Dan Morse, with his unique and experienced take on entrepreneurship in our generation.

National bestselling author and U of M professor John Bacon with a highly entertaining and beautifully thought out presentation about the roles individuals play in history.

Social justice activist and first openly gay president of the University of Michigan’s Central Student Government, Chris Armstrong on leadership in the face of adversity.

A job done amazingly well by all the people who worked tirelessly to make this one of the most impressive, entirely student-run, events of the year.

Go Blue!

(all pictures courtesy of TEDxUofM)


What is Mimeisthai?



TEDx / Remix (by glowLDB)

In order to compose the piece we chose a framework of two rules. Firstly we sought to explore the TED aesthetic in colour, movement and form. Secondly we worked exclusively with sound samples from TEDx musical performances. Our visual elements were produced in Processing and much of our sound design was generated in Pure Data. The final composition was arranged in Logic Pro and Adobe Premiere.”

Via TEDxStellenbosch. Learn more.

#TEDxYouthDay #TEDx

#TEDxYouthDay #TEDx

Matériel promotionnel de TEDxQuébec

Matériel promotionnel de TEDxQuébec